Solutions + Services

Desktop & Laptop

Computer or Laptop - slow, unresponsive or simply not running right? Need an upgrade, not sure what to get? Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows?

Let KEEKTECH take the guess work out of buying.

Mobile & Tablet

Looking for somthing portable, good for on-the-GO? Haven't got a clue what an 'App' is? Support and buying advice for all the big players, Apple and Android.

KEEKTECH is here to help!

Home Network & Wi-Fi

Experiencing sluggish WI-FI, fiding it drops in and out? Noticing you don't have full home coverage?

KEEKTECH can develop and suggest ways to improve your home network, including your security online.

Gaming, Streaming & Entertainment

Want to steam like everybody else? Not sure what you need or how to go about setting up?

You get the popcorn and KEEKTECH will get you all setup, streaming to your hearts content.

Smart Home

The FUTURE is HERE! Like the idea of some automation in your life?

Let KEEKTECH get your all setup!

Something Else?

Do you need IT assistance with something else?

Get in touch with your issue and lets see what I can do for you.